“When you take our phones away from us, we become anxious, we become impossible.

        Modern technology has become like a phantom limb, it’s so much a part of us.”


- Sherry Turkle, PhD

       Author of Alone Together:  WhWe Expect  More from Technology and  Less from Each Other




a love-hate relationship

A feature documentary in development.


Most of the world’s population now uses a cellphone. Academic research shows we love our smartphones so much that most of us say we can’t live without them! They are at the center of the connected universe. 


We have an unusual intimate relationship with our phones. Many of us sleep with them, eat with them and are lost without them.  We check them about 52 times a day – and if you’re 18-24 years old, it’s over 82 times a day!


We are in love with our phones for their incredible abilities to bring us together across generations and physical distance; instantly educate and entertain; and keep us safe. But at the same time, we feel these little computers that are with us all the time are getting in-between our relationships, stressing us out, putting us in danger on the road, and keeping us from human contact and real eye-to-eye conversations.