a love-hate Relationship

A feature documentary in development.


Most of the world’s population now uses a cellphone. Academic research shows we love our smartphones so much that most of us say we can’t live without them! They are at the center of the connected universe. 


We have an unusual intimate relationship with our phones. Many of us sleep with them, eat with them and are lost without them.  We check them about 52 times a day – and if you’re 18-24 years old, it’s over 82 times a day!


We are in love with our phones for their incredible abilities to bring us together across generations and physical distance; instantly educate and entertain; and keep us safe. But at the same time, we feel these little computers that are with us all the time are getting in-between our relationships, stressing us out, putting us in danger on the road, and keeping us from human contact and real eye-to-eye conversations.


Cell phones grant us access to people's most intimate moments—the highs and lows. A walk through social media may leave you with an indelible memory of a horrific shooting death, captured on camera, or the first breaths of a friend's new baby.


It is a powerful tool in need of understanding.


myPHONE is a documentary about the love/hate relationship we have with our smartphones and how that relationship affects almost every other relationship around us. We explore the positive impact and how our cellphones have changed the world in profound ways, while also looking at their negative impact, feeling the life-altering influence of phones in our lives.  We’ll see how we’re embracing the future with these little devices in our hands - literally almost all day, every day.


Documentaries are real world – so we can’t make up characters - we’ll discover and find them along the way.  We’ll look for diverse individuals from different walks of life - teens, toddlers, and elders.


We’ll take you into the personal world of the middle and high-schoolers - those young people who depend on their phones for relationships, homework, entertainment, and sense of self.  If you talk to teens and most adults, they’ll admit: “I’d rather text than talk”.  This seems to be the norm, but is it really a problem?


We also dive into the lives of parents and grandparents - many of whom are, surprisingly, more in love with their phones and screens than the teens!  And we’ll zoom in on toddlers who are given mini-screens instead of rattles.


We’ll meet married and dating couples, eavesdrop on how cell phones keep them connected and feeling cared-for while simultaneously getting seriously in the way of intimacy - even checking their phones during sex (we won’t be filming that).  Yes, most of us admit our phones often keep us from being present - from fully enjoying the moment we’re currently in.


It seems like we are always somewhere else!


The facts, research and overall findings about how phones affect our lives is, in a word, amazing, and maybe a bit shocking.  We’ll chat with experts who might shed some light (or solutions) on the social science behind the technology, getting a clearer picture about if - and how our culture has changed - - - for better or worse?


Should we be grateful?  Should we be worried?  Should we be both?